Mike Coday Community

Community of support for Roofing Company Owners overwhelmed by the problems in their business.

About Mike Coday

Hello! My name is Mike Coday.๐Ÿฟ

I fix Roofing Company Owners overwhelmed by their problems with Systems & Processes, Sales Teams, and Management. ๐Ÿš€

In this community, we bring together Roofing Company Owners who are experiencing changes in their business. We help them develop powerful confidence in themselves so they can enjoy working again without destroying their family and personal relationships.

My work as a Master Business Strategist is extremely rewarding because I mentor, coach, and consult high-performers who are achieving great things. I'm a sentimental family man who loves Disney. My all-time favorite Star Wars movie is "Rogue One" and I'm afraid of heights.

Left to Right: Mike, Shelly, Emelie, and Mikey

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Why Join

I'm building a rewarding community for my clients & followers to network together while building valuable relationships. If you're ready for premium online content with exclusive insider access, I'm ready for you to join our members on this amazing journey.

Thank You

I want to thank my Platinum Partners for joining together with me at my highest levels of service. Thank you, Barrelle Roofing, and 777 Roofing & Construction, LLC.