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The Problem With Great Content

Great ContentWhat exactly is “Great Content” anyway?

I would like to propose that “Great Content” is anything that solves a great problem…

You’re bored?

Here, look at these stupid cat pictures. They’re funny, right? Now you’re not so bored and that’s just great.

You’re lonely?

Here, admire somebody else’s terrific kids, career, or vacation pictures. Makes you feel a little less lonely, doesn’t it?

Oh, it doesn’t?

Well, at least you had something to do while you were lonely and that’s just great.

You need a friend?

Here, network with all these people who can spend hours at a time on social media. Surely they need friends.

You can talk about their cats, or comment on their vacation photos. Maybe they’ll be your friend. Wouldn’t that be great?

Seriously though, you’ve got bigger problems than all that, don’t you?

What is Great Content?

You want GREAT CONTENT, right?

What if you need to know the total square feet of a 12/12 pitched roof with a flat surface area of 2,500 square feet of living space and 3ft soffits without risking your neck to climb up on the roof?

Your circle of friends probably won’t have the answer to that problem and many other, maybe most other, real problems you’ll have in life.

They’re just friends! Not Google.

If you can find the answer on Google, you’ll need to call a real expert to come measure your roof for you.

Your social media platform knows about cats, cool photography, and the latest trends in technology, but they are LOST when it comes to helping you solve any of your real day-to-day problems… unless you’re dying to see what they’re having for dinner.

Even if you know somebody who might know the answer to your problem, can you wait for them to respond to your query?

Wouldn’t it just be easier to do a general search on one of the search engines to quickly get the answer to your problem?

What Makes Content Great?

Writing “Great Content” is only valuable if it has a “Great Audience” that can access it quickly, easily, at the time of the problem.

Content isn’t great unless it can help you solve a great problem.

Content is Great when you find it when you need it.

Show me the winning lottery numbers before the drawing… now that’s great content! Afterwards, not so much.

The problem isn’t that people don’t have great problems, the problem is that social media platforms don’t have great answers.

If you’re bored, need a friend, like talking tech, or are easily entertained by stupid cats, then you’ll love the “Great Content” around here.

Otherwise, you’ll probably have to look outside G+ to find the “Great Content” you need.

Social Media is for relationships.

Search Engines are for “Great Content.”

Mike Coday Marketing

What Exactly is "Great Content" Anyway?, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings