Tell Me Where it Hurts

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Recognize The Cry

One of the amazing things about being a parent is that you recognize your child’s different cries.

There’s a hurt cry, a fake cry, a mad cry and many more varieties of tears.

Are you with me?

Prospects Cry

Listen to your prospects like they’re one of your children.

When they start crying, they’re trying to tell you something. If you’re tuned in, you’ll be able to tell the difference between when your prospects are faking it and when they’re actually in pain.

There’s one dead-simple way to figure out where their pain is… simply ask them to tell you. Turn on your parental instincts and find out.

“Tell me where it hurts!”

For instance, if your prospect says, “your price is too high,” you could ask, “compared to what?” or “how much too high?”

One of the best techniques is to simply say, “I’m sure you have a reason for saying that. Do you mind telling me what it is?”

Never miss an opportunity to find out where your prospect is hurting.

Find out so you can kiss it and make it all better.


Tell Me Where it Hurts, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating