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Small Town Drag Racing

Dragging main street in small-town Oklahoma was a bit of risk.

Dragging main street in small-town Oklahoma was a bit of risk.

My high school buddy Chris drove a really cool Dodge Dart GT.

I think it was a ’69, but I’m not sure. (Update: It was a ’71). All I know is that car was fast… and my Dad didn’t like me riding around with Chris.

Unfortunately, as a teenager growing up in rural Oklahoma, there wasn’t much to do except cruise main street… drive slowly down to Sonic, turn around and head back up to the Red Barn… where you would turn around and drive the same loop all over again.

Since I didn’t have a car, we rode around in Chris’ Dodge Dart GT.

Drag Racing Main Street

Sounds boring, and it usually was, except for the occasional drag race. That’s when things got real exciting, real fast.

Chris would pull up first to a red light — where he would rev his engine and rattle his exhaust pipes. If the car beside him did the same, the race was about to be on! Soon, the tires would be screaming, smoke billowing and all the gauges would be red lining.

Winners and Losers

If you win, everybody on main street knows it, and you have another good story to tell at school in the morning.

If you lose, well… Chris didn’t lose.

Just before the light turns green, you take one last look around for any sign of a police car.

There’s too much risk racing off the line if you think there’s a police officer around. If there is, you may as well go home because they’ll be watching you the rest of the night. The night is over for drag racing.

That’s exactly what people do when they’re considering making a purchase from you…

The Risk Meter

Your prospects take one last look at their internal risk meter.

If the thought of doing business with you is riskier than the reward of making the purchase, they shut you down.

You may as well go home.

The game is over.

Moral of the story: If you want to sell more, eliminate the risk.

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