Air Conditioning Contractor Slogans

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Air Conditioning Slogans

HVAC SlogansEverybody wants a catchy advertising slogan for their business.

You want a phrase that looks good on the side of your truck and is easy to remember.

While your advertising slogan is seldom the deciding factor in whether or not a prospect picks up the phone and calls your HVAC company, slogans are helpful in quickly framing the benefits of using your company.

Maybe you’ve heard of a Unique Selling Position?

An advertising slogan can be used to define your (U.S.P.) Unique Selling Position… a statement of positioning that sets you apart from all of the other air conditioning contractors in your service area.

Unique Selling Position

The more unique your U.S.P., the more likely you are to attract clients who are drawn to your position.

A great U.S.P., or advertising slogan, will also repel prospective clients who do not want to align themselves with your positioning.

In short, your slogan should be strong enough to drive exactly the kind of business you want to you… and repel the kind of business you don’t want.

Ask yourself this question while you read through these air conditioning contractor slogans, “Are these slogans strong enough to attract and repel business?”

Example Slogans

Slogan: “The Ph.D. of HVAC”
Company: Home Energy Specialists

Slogan: “Quality Service at Reasonable Prices!”
Company: A-1 Worcester Air Conditioning

Slogan: “24 Hour Emergency Service”
Company: ACR Service Co

Slogan: “Quality Service at Affordable Prices”
Company: Aire Care Metro Energy Savers A/C & Heating

Slogan: “We Service All Brands”
Company: Direct Service Company

Slogan: “Riding Hard To Satisfy You, Our Customer”
Company: Brown Service Company

Slogan: “A Step In The Right Direction”
Company: Compass Air Services Inc

Slogan: “The Right Choice – For Your Home Repair Needs”
Company: Metro Express Service

Slogan: “Family Owned & Operated With Over 30 Years Experience”
Company: Golden Mechanical

Slogan: “Free Service Calls”
Company: Lonestar Services

Slogan: “Family Owned & Operated Since 1992”
Company: R&R Air Conditioning Service Co.

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