3 Rules of Liking

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Are You Listening To Me?

Are you listening to me?

Are you listening to me?

Rule #1

We hear what we want to hear.”

When I yell out the back door for my kids to come in for the night and take a bath, they can’t hear me.

When I open the back door and ask if anybody wants a Popsicle, they come running.

We hear who, what, why, where, when and how we want to hear.

If you’re not saying what your prospects want to hear, they aren’t listening.

Rule #2

We listen to people we like.”

Truth is, if I don’t like you, it doesn’t matter what you say because I quit listening to you the second I stopped liking you.

The old selling adage says, prospects won’t buy for 3 reasons: no money, no time and no like.

If I don’t like you, I don’t have any money and I don’t have any time.

Rule #3

We like people who are like us… or those we want to be like.”

My brother-in-law worked at a car dealership where most of the sales people struggled to move 10-15 units a month. There was 1 sales person who moved 20-25 units a month.

Why? How?

Their top sales person didn’t stalk the lot like the rest of the guys. He didn’t have to.

In fact, his prospects lined up to meet him.

They insisted on seeing him… and only him.

The Power of Liking

His prospects were like him.

Better than that, they wanted to be like him. That’s an incredibly powerful point.

Against incredible odds, he had pulled himself up from having nothing to being extremely successful in a short amount of time.

He was a first-generation Asian immigrant who was making a good living selling cars.

Interestingly enough, most of his prospects were also first-generation Asian immigrants.

He spoke the language, knew the customs, and went to their kids’ birthday parties. He was like them.

There wasn’t anybody else on that car lot that could reach those prospects because nobody else on the car lot could understand exactly what it was like to be an Asian immigrant struggling to make a better life in America, but he could!

He knew their hopes. He knew their fears. He instinctively knew them.

He spoke their language and also understood the cultural meaning of the slightest nuances in their body language.

Never discount the value of knowing your prospect!

As you can imagine, most of his business was word-of-mouth, and business was good.

When an Asian prospect walked on the lot, none of the other sales people even bothered to try and sell them a car…they just pointed to the other guy’s office.

Bottom line, he was like his prospects… and his prospects liked him.

  • We hear what we want to hear.
  • We listen to people we like.
  • We like people who are like us… or those we want to be like.


P.S. What do you have in common with your prospects? That is a great place to start if you’re struggling in your sales and marketing. Start with the people who are like you, because those are the people who are most likely to also like you.

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