Get To The Point Stupid

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An Open Letter To Advertisers

an open letter to advertisers everywhere

Excuse me while I get a few things off my chest about bad advertising.

Dear Stupid,

I’ve seen some of your advertising.

First Class stuff there… must have cost you a pretty penny!

That’s not what caught my attention though. I could tell that was your advertising because you always start out the same way:

Quality, Service, Integrity… BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!


You’ve got 1/2 a nano-second to catch your prospects attention — you’re going to waste it talking about YOU?

Your Quality, Your Service, Your Integrity?

They Don’t Care About You!

Prospects don’t care about you.

They know you just want their money — that’s why you went into business, isn’t it?

All that talk about your “integrity” only scares ’em away… that, and the family of fish emblems swimming across the back of your work truck. Whenever I see a bunch of fish stickers, it makes me wonder what they’re trying to cover up.

So, if your integrity isn’t the first thing on your prospect’s mind, what do they care about?

One word: PROBLEMS

Your prospect wants to solve specific problems.

Prospects want to solve their problems. Buyers buy because it makes their problems go away.

They don’t want to solve your problems. They don’t want to pay your bills, or make sure you get a commission check, or can keep the doors of your business open. They don’t care about your problems. They care about their problems.

The longer it takes you to get to the point, their point, the more likely you are to lose them. They’ll take that quality advertising piece or yours and sincerely wad it up, and never ever think about you or your integrity again.

Prospects Are Like Us

In the end, your prospects are just like you. They’re just like me. We all have problems, don’t we?

Your problem is that you need money to pay bills, cover payroll or take a vacation, but their problem could be a leaky roof, a backed-up sewer line, or maybe a DUI ticket. When you think about it, problems are more like opportunities!

The problem, their problem, is the one and only thing that will help you solve your problem.

Skip the platitudes and get to the point.

How can you solve the problem?

Mike Coday Marketing

p.s. If your advertising doesn’t make your phone ring or the cash register sing, you’ve got problems… don’t you?

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