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Mike Coday

Mike Coday Reviews

Mike Coday is an expert marketing consultant and a pleasure to work with. He understands the changing market and his research and advice is applicable to the current sales environment. I recommend Mike to any organization that needs a tune-up, and if you are just starting out, Mike's advice will be an eye-opener.

Bill Brooks
Bill Brooks Roofing Solutions of Texas

We’re Still Talking About You

We're still talking about you... you're the reason things are going as well as they are. Thanks Mike.

Danny James
Danny James My TexSun Solar Screens

You Get Results

Mike worked closely with me on a multi-million dollar eCommerce venture in 2006-2007. His results were spectacular. We ranked on Google in the top 3 (and in most cases #1) for every generic keyword associated with our products.

This may sound trite, but with Mike, the bottom line is that you get results. For my current company, Maid in Frisco, he helped establish our online presence. I wouldn’t be found online today without his help.

Dwight Turner
Dwight Turner Maid in Frisco

You Have The Talent

Thank you very much, Mike for meeting with me last Sunday.

Obviously, you have the background and talent to help us.

Dr. George Flattery
Dr. George Flattery Network211

Build Business Quickly

Mike helped me build the roofing business quickly using search engine marketing, direct mail and classified advertising.

Alex Lopez
Alex Lopez Fireman Roofing

Ahead Of The Game

I’ve had the pleasure of working as part of Mike’s search marketing team in the past. There is no doubt that Mike can produce strong SEO results and I have learned a lot from him.

Beyond his SEO success, what stands out most to me about Mike is that he is always ahead of the game finding new search marketing strategies, solutions and trends to forge an effective online presence that produces results.

I can tell Mike enjoys his work because he is always looking for ways to be most effective in what he does.

Vince Ford
Vince Ford Anritsu