Wasting Money on Advertising

Does Your Advertising Work? The local appliance repair guy was in my home today. Unfortunately, my washer and my fridge decided to break down at the exact same time last week. When it happened, I searched for “appliance repair” on Google and called the 1st and only guy that came up for that service. He…

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The Race for Fresh Content

Google recently introduced a new version of Business Photos meant to be a “street view for interiors”. Google is going to pay photographers to come out and take interior pictures of local businesses. I’m guessing these photos will be displayed on their corresponding Place Page and searchable using Google Image search. The hotel business has…

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What’s Your Website’s Name?

OBVIOUS NEWS FLASH: People pay big money for domain names! Why? Let’s suppose that your company’s name is “ABC Plumbing”. There’s a lot of folks who are going to skip the Google search completely and just type in in their browser. They are just going to expect your company to reside at that web…

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