Lead Generation

Foot In The Door Sales Prospecting

It’s Kinda Like Dating Foot in the door prospecting is an easy concept to grasp if you’ll think about it in terms of good old fashioned dating. I’m not talking about the kind of date you hook-up with at closing time. We’re talking “finding a lifetime partner” kind of dating. While there’s a few couples…

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Are Your Leads Hot?

Good Leads There’s a lot of places to buy “Hot Leads” these days, but are they really “Hot”… or “Good”… or can they even be considered worthy of the title “Lead?” If you’re a roofer, plumber, or air conditioning contractor, you can buy leads. If you’re an insurance agent, you can buy health leads, life…

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Get To The Point Stupid

An Open Letter To Advertisers Dear Stupid, I’ve seen some of your advertising. First Class stuff there… must have cost you a pretty penny! That’s not what caught my attention though. I could tell that was your advertising because you always start out the same way: Quality, Service, Integrity… BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! Seriously? You’ve got…

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