About Mike

I help small to medium-sized local businesses get more customers using proven marketing strategies developed from my own unique, real-life experiences.

In the summer of 2010, I walked away from a great job at a Fortune 500 advertising and publishing agency. Here’s my story…

Corporate Pressure

There’s a lot of pressure in the corporate marketing world.

My group was responsible for over 17,000 clients with monthly budgets up to $50k each. I had teams of advertising experts with multiple supervisors working for me. It was an amazing time in my life that I’ll never forget.

While I loved my employees and cared deeply for the success of each client they managed, I hated the rat race… and despised Dallas / Fort Worth rush hour traffic.

On a Sunday afternoon, while driving home from a short vacation with my Dad in Branson, it dawned on me that I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life missing the rest of my life… my wife, my kids, and even my church. I had a great career, but I was missing life.

I resigned the next day and have not looked back since.

Today, I work full-time from the privacy of my home.

I’m really good at one thing in life… some have even said, “Amazing,”… because I know how to find new customers, get more leads and help your sales people make more money.

I live and breathe sales, marketing and advertising strategy every day for a handful of my own private marketing clients and my own construction company.

Make The Phone Ring

I make the phone ring using proven money-making marketing systems that bring in new customers — while building your brand and keeping your old customers coming back to buy from you again and again.

I also train outside sales people to make more money and enjoy the freedom of living as far away from the corporate cube as possible.

I help you live the life you dreamed about when you went into business for yourself.

Do you believe I can help your business?

While I can’t guarantee we’ll work together, you should call me today. I’ll listen to the challenges unique to your business and offer my insight. There’s no charge for the call. So, go ahead and call me. What do you have to lose?

Leave a message when you call (817) 264-7144. I will call you back to schedule our appointment.

If you would prefer to communicate by email, please use the contact page to leave your information.

Mike Coday
Mike Coday Marketing
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Bill Brooks

Mike Coday is an expert marketing consultant and a pleasure to work with. I have been following Mike for the last couple of years and have invested in a couple of his written marketing booklets. His advice is spot on. He understands the changing market and his research and advice is applicable to the current sales environment.

Bill Brooks
Roofing Solutions of Texas